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Sky Superhero has changed to Sky Oscars Click Here for Standard ListsLIST FIXES 30th July 2016:and you should have an updated channel list, wasn't that hard .was it???To put them in order, go into the menu and "reset to factory settings" and then rebootHow can I make my own list? Firstly you'll need a channel editor, PVR800 editor is the simplest option, I've attached the .DBS version to the bottom of the post 4Added new channel Talking Pictures in movie section If it does not then you need to repeat the whole processAMC BT SPORT MOSAIC 1 BT SPORT EXTRA 1 New lists adds: BT SPORT MOSAIC 2 and EIR Sport 2

Irish TV Movies The required backup should now be on your usb stick, make sure to move it to your pc or be careful not to delete itFirst of all we recommend watching the full Youtube Video how to do itReply With Quote The Following 549 Users Say Thank You to DeejayAJ For This Useful Post: + Show/Hide list of the thanked 181(1st August, 2013),1878(5th August, 2013),1sean(17th July, 2013),1vwgolfs(23rd February, 2016),4425scott(14th June, 2013),600fazer(29th June, 2013),68tr(4th October, 2013),9884booth(13th June, 2016),Aadil(10th July, 2013),ab45alan(30th December, 2013),Abdul83(11th March, 2014),abu baniaz(4th April, 2013),accies(19th February, 2014),acidburn(26th May, 2014),Adila90(25th September, 2013),adnanx(14th April, 2013),AHAC85(20th August, 2013),Akinsey1(11th August, 2013),aldo20569(8th October, 2013),ally123(9th November, 2014),alphatango(23rd May, 2013),amc1971(30th June, 2013),amit1(27th April, 2013),amjadhussain(2nd December, 2013),andy4(1st April, 2013),andycole9(28th 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it isn't FTA) BT Sport 1 BT Sport Euro Horror Channel MTV Music +1 Showcase 3 OHTV Al Jazeera Faith Channel Wellbeing Channels 24 TV One Ahlebait TV HUM Europe KICC TV ATN Bangla Bangla TV Update : 13/2/16 RT? 1 RT? 2 RT? Jr TG4 Oireachtas TV FAQ How do I put this list on to my box? Firstly, before any upgrade you should always backup! Once you've done that; Unzip AJ's List with a program such as winrar & place the TPPROG.DBS file onto the root of your USB drive.In the Openbox menu delete your current channel list by going to the "Edit Channel" tab & selecting "Delete All".Staying in the menu navigate to the "Tools" tab then "Upgrade by USB", change the upgrade mode from "Image File" to "Misc Files" then "Select & Upgrade" & select "TPPROG.DBS" then press yellow, if all done correctly it should begin to upgrade.Once the upgrade has completed restart your box & voil?! How do I backup? Make sure your USB is plugged in then navigate to Menu > Tools > Dump by USB > Change Dump Mode to "Misc File" > Click on "Select and Dump" > Select "TPPROG.dbs" so it has a tick next to it then press yellow to "Dump onto USB", this will backup your channel list

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